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 the rules
 Posted: Jul 1 2014, 01:00 AM

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give me the thing that i love.

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site rules

the rules of silhouettes - please read and make sure you understand clearly!

general rules one. Be respectful! Here at Silhouettes we want a happy and open environment for all of our members. Respect boundaries and mark anything potentially triggering. Avoid flaming and arguments in OOC conversations, and remember to treat each other excellently!

two. We are account per character. Please sign up with your characters full name, with the name order that suits your character (first, last or last, first).

three. Avatar sizes are 225 x 400 and 180 x 50. It is important that you use these sizes for our miniprofile to work properly. Please remember to credit the original artists - there's a section in the mini profile for you to link to the original source of your images! Signatures are allowed, but mustn't exceed 500 x 200. roleplay rules one. On warnings and rating - we have a TOS, and it's a good idea to stick to it! We have an RPG Rating of 2/2/2. Additionally, please mark any common or known triggers at the TOP of the thread/post containing them. If you have any issues, you're welcome to contact a staff member concerning them.

two. We do not have a word count on Silhouettes! So long as it keeps the thread going, we think it's a good post. Have fun!

three. You may have up to three characters from a single fandom, provided it's large enough! However, do not apply for characters who are heavily involved in each others stories. We ask that you only apply for one main character from a given series, to allow for others interested in the fandom.

four. We are an animated panfandom site, meaning we only accept characters from illustrated media. This includes cartoons, anime and manga, comics, video games, and animated movies. If you're unsure about a canon you'd like to play, please don't hesitate to ask!

five. On canon points - you do not have to adhere to any existing character's canon points, and are free to take characters from wherever you'd like. It's up to you whether they remember the canon events of their past! You are able to bring characters here with little or no memory of what has happened to them in their own world. They can not, however, remember things from after their canon point - you can't have a memory of something that hasn't happened!

six. Please fade to black, and don't go too overboard with the gore and violence. Tying in to our RPG Rating, please mark any mature threads with [M]. cbox rules one. Our respect rule covers the cbox as well - if people ask for a topic to be dropped, drop it.

two. Please do not hassle other members in the cbox for plots or posts! If you're interested in plotting, we have an entire forum dedicated to it!

three. Please do not tag your partners in the cbox - it's likely to get lost in the conversation! We have a tagbox located at the bottom of the forum for you to notify your partners in.

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