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 the site canons
 Posted: Jul 1 2014, 01:06 AM

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persons of importance

characters important to the site and the city of venia

These are the site canons. Each of them have a set occupation, but the one who fills said occupation can be any canon character you want it to be. Unlike other characters, site canons have the option to be in Venia for more than a year. At max, they can be in Venia for up to five years. You can pick how long they've been here depending on which canon you choose to play.

You may only have one site canon. If playing a site canon, please be sure you wont disappear or drop said character as they're important to the site. We understand if things come up, of course, but just try your best.

the council of venia
canon name head of the council. yuri petrov council member. canon name council member.
canon name council member. canon name council member. canon name council member.
canon name famous adventurer. canon name academy chairman. canon name veniam stables owner.
canon name venia police chief. canon name famous criminal. canon name horizon bar owner.
canon name academy dorm head. canon name famous news anchor. canon name famous inventor.
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