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 the setting
 Posted: Jul 1 2014, 01:03 AM

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give me the thing that i love.

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site setting

the world in which you live

general setting Venia is a city that is both technologically advanced and yet untouched by time. While its architecture is generally considered to be old and archaic, even though there are a few modern touches to, its technology is both modern and futuristic. The city itself is considered the safest place to be and is separated into four districts: the Upper District, the Central District, the Lower District, and the Outskirts. Each district has its own pros and cons, with some being more advanced than the others.

The city is bordered on the East and South by the ocean, while the North and West borders are on the Seliv Forest. Just past the Seliv forest are the Wastelands, which are the home of monsters.

The monsters in the Wastelands are shadowy figures that are after nothing but chaos and destruction. Unless provoked, they don't often wander past the Seliv Forest and even then, they generally only wander the forest during the night. Because of this, exploring anything pass the forest is extremely dangerous and difficult. Monsters can be killed with any type of weapon/attack, but it's a difficult thing to do. Most are extremely fast, though there are a few that rely on strength. Killing a monster is a celebrated thing in Venia and the more you kill the more famous you become. technology information The technology in Venia ranges from modern to futuristic, depending on what it is and what district it's in. All districts have some level of common modern technology, including electricity, air conditioning, heaters, indoor plumbing, etc. Some common modern tech isn't readily available, though, like televisions, which are usually only in the Central District where those of great wealth live. Most households use radios instead.

Every citizen on Venia is given a smartphone upon arrival, though they are free to upgrade it to better models if they wish to and can afford it. The smartphone acts in all the same ways modern smartphones do. They can call, receive texts, download apps, etc. Most commonly, they're used to keep up-to-date with the going-ons of the city, as they're all connected to the Venia News Network (VNN, for short), which is exactly what it says. It's responsible for updating the residents of the city on what's happening. It is also the thing most similar to the internet of our world and if you are connected to it you have access to a bunch of different information.

All medicine and medical breakthroughs are super advanced and there's basically a cure for almost every life-threatening disease in existence. Of course, things like the common cold and the flu still exist, so make sure you take care of yourself.

Most transportation through the city is either done by walking, biking, or using the cable cars to your advantage, especially if you're going from one district to another. The cable car system is very popular and crowded during all times of the day but it will get you where you need to go. Flying transportation is very basic and very rare, with helicopters being the only type that's commonly used, because there isn't anywhere to fly to. Boats are the most common, whether they be fishing boats or recreational boats or even pirate ships. miscellaneous information The citizens of Venia (that aren't canon characters) are very helpful and very cheerful. Each of them have their own task that needs to be done and they do it very well, though they will stop and help if someone needs it. They feel no discord about their city being "invaded" by those who get pulled into it.

Money is used most often in the Central District, while bartering/trading is most common in the Lower District. Most transactions in the Upper District are done electronically using credit cards. Venia uses the American system of currency, which includes paper bills ($1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100) and coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins).

The government of Venia is the Council, which is run by six people, elected by the citizens of the city. The head of the council is chosen by the council members themselves. suggested occupations These are just some suggested occupations for your canon! By no means are you confined to this list when it comes to choosing their occupation. Of course, you may also mix and match district and occupation if it makes sense - someone living in the central district can definitely be a teacher, but someone living in the central district could not be a farmer.

upper district.
• engineer
• hacker
• inventor
• mechanic
• teacher

central district.
• council member
• council secretary
• doctor
• lawyer
• nurse

lower district.
• bartender
• bar/club worker
• bouncer
• dock worker
• lifeguard
• sailors
• waiter/waitress

• farmer
• hermit
• shepherd
• stablehand

• adventurer
• bodyguard
• criminal
• journalist
• model
• pirate
• student

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