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 Home away from Home, Open
Donatello Hamato
 Posted: Jul 19 2014, 06:19 AM


seventeenmutant turtle6 postsOfflineplot page

The months were seeming to pass in a blurr of guilt, worry and homesickness yet as he had become lost in designing the blueprints for his projects for something that could get him home, the teenager had barely eaten or slept to only become exhausted enough to fall asleep at his desk. Donatello stirred as the mess of paper crinkled and rustled under his head and a low moan slipped out, sounding like a mumbled "...guys. I'm sorry"

He was standing in the remains of the bridge on the Shredder's ship, six silent and motionless bodies lying scattered across the walkways with their now unseeing eyes seeming to say "you killed us" or ask "where were you?" and he felt almost sick at the sight of those familiar but broken bodies.

For a few seconds it was like he was now looking at an orange-masked ghost with the left limb ending in a metal-tipped stump, their eyes, their expression looking like the innocent, fun-loving part of them had died years ago as a low and angry whisper cut across the dream.

...How the shell could you just abandon us like that?!

"No!" Donatello found himself screaming as he sat bolt upright, a haunted look flashed across his face before realising where he was then rested his head in his hands with a shuddering sigh for a moment or two. With the memories of their most recent battle, the one that he had been pulled away from resurfacing again, he felt his own shoulders starting to shake a little. Was this how that future happened only this time had his family all fallen in one single moment instead of losing their father and falling apart due to his disappearance. Donatello wasn't sure if he wanted to scream or cry or do both, the nearness of this nigh-identical version of his brother was a reminder that he had failed his own family just like he had done after being sent to...that future.

Sleepily rubbing at his eyes, he tried not to yawn but it had slowly been getting worse, each time he tried to sleep either purposely or when he was too exhausted to stay awake, he'd see those faces and the silent accusations. His night-time patterns now consisted of trying to sleep, waking up before he got a full night's sleep thanks to the recurring nightmares then being reluctant to sleep again, grabbing a full pot of coffee and a mug then retreating to the spare bedroom that served as his workshop to focus on various projects rather than sleep and see those familiar 'dead bodies' again...

A whistle signalled his coffee was finally ready and Donatello got a mug down from the cupboard then grabbed the coffee-pot handle and shuffled off to his workshop. Sliding into the chair in front of the desk, he yawned again and poured himself his first cup of hot coffee before going over his blue-prints. Looked like he was pulling another all-nighter...

Swigging at his coffee, the mug held in one hand while the other scribbled its way along a notepad, thankfully his broken arm was healed by now. After a few moments of writing his notes, he finished the mug of coffee and pinched at the corners of his eyes as he found himself replaying that battle yet again.

The smell of burnt fur starting to drift through the area as their sensei endured shell knows how many volts of electricity.

Raph's grunt of pain as their enemy slammed him over a knee, chest-first.

A chunk of his shell skidding across the floor and off the walkway thanks to the Shredder's kick then the sound of Leo's own sword entering his chest seeming louder than it should have been before he collapsed in front of a shocked Karai.

Mikey's cry of pain as his leg was savagely broken by a single kick.

Seeing his family fallen in battle even as a crack and a burst of pain heralded his arm being broken before he joined them.

Moving to put his cup down on the coffee table like an automaton, the purple-masked turtle leaned up against a wall and buried his face in both hands as his shoulders shook violently, the last few months of loneliness, guilt and fear finally catching up to him. He shouldn't be here, his family needed him and now that future was going to happen again, and there was nothing he could do...
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