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the guidebook
Welcome to Silhouettes, an animated panfandom RP! We are ecstatic that you've become interested in us, but before you join, it would be very much appreciated if you read everything inside this board before going on to make your character! There isn't a lot of info, but it's all important, so please make sure to read it carefully.
5 2 Jul 1 2014, 01:22 AM
In: the premade templates
the bulletin board
Any and all updates, whether they affect the site out of character or in character, will be posted inside this board. Make sure you check it frequently so that you don't miss anything of importance. Activity checks will be posted inside this board once a month.
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3 1 Aug 14 2014, 05:57 PM
In: 8th August 2014 - Activity ...
site services
Have you finished a thread and need it to be archived? Is there a mistake in your mini-profile? Do you need to drop a character or archive an app? Do you need an IC board made for whatever reason? If so, this is the board to look in! There's also a thread for open threads inside, so please make sure to check that often!
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5 2 Jul 2 2014, 10:07 PM
In: breaking code

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Once you have read everything and reserved your canon, you can post your application! Silhouettes uses a freeform application, so go wild with the style you decide to write yours in! Please make sure to post it in the correct sub-board and, if necessary, bump your app when you're done to let the staff know that it's ready to be looked over.
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9 3 Aug 14 2014, 09:45 AM
In: Kaneki Ken
By: Kaneki Ken
the files
All accepted applications will be moved into this board! If you ever feel the need to rewrite your app, please notify a staff member and resubmit it in the enrollment board. Once your app has been accepted, please remember to fill out your claims.
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11 14 Aug 7 2014, 09:41 PM
As with all sites, this is the board to post your plotter in! Even though it isn't mandatory to have a plotter, it is very much suggested that you do to make things easier for everyone all around. Inside are also sub-forums for wanted ads and group plots.
Subforums: group plots, wanted ads

19 48 Aug 12 2014, 10:53 AM
In: Kryptonite
By: Lex Luthor
Of course, there are some things that you write that can't really be posted anywhere else on the site. Whether those are character journals, thread trackers, or simply small drabbles that help you get the feel of them, they can all be posted in here!
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3 0 Jul 25 2014, 05:29 PM
In: gonna let it burn

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upper district
The technological hub of Venia, the Upper District is the most advanced section of Venia. Its buildings are much more modern than the rest of the city's, while still retaining that archaic look. Being the smallest district in the city, it's very clustered with narrow streets and tall buildings. Despite this, it's almost always crawling with people going to and fro. Petty crime is considered to be very low, though robberies are common enough to make people wary of leaving their things unattended.
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1 0 Jul 19 2014, 06:19 AM
In: Home away from Home
By: Donatello Hamato
central district
The Central District is the oldest and wealthiest of Venia. The hub from which the whole city expanded, the Central District holds the government buildings, broad clear roads and a beautiful park. Its population is relatively low, the wealthy preferring to spread out amongst their townhouses rather than crowd all in together. Expensive shops and bright, clean streets are heavily patrolled, and discontent is shuffled out rather than allowed to grow within the district.
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1 4 Jul 24 2014, 08:34 PM
In: born free
lower district
While the Upper District is the technological hub of the city, the Lower District is the entertainment hub. It's buildings are often no more than two-stories and have a very archaic feel about them. Full of public shops and some of the best restaurants in Venia, this district has many resources to keep those in the city happy and entertained. The closer you get to the Outskirts, the more dangerous and crime-ridden the Lower District becomes, so look after yourself.
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1 4 Jul 21 2014, 11:41 AM
In: my end and beginning
the outskirts
Unlike the rest of the city, the Outskirts are very empty - they house the least amount of people. Most who live here are farmers or those who feel they don't do well in city life. Houses are spread far and wide from each other, some far enough to be more than a day's travel to Venia on foot. Most of the empty space is filled by farmland and empty fields. The westernmost part of the Outskirts is boarder by Seliv Forest while the ocean is to the South.
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seliv forest
Lush and full of life, the Seliv Forest is a very pleasant place to be - during the day, that is. Once night falls, it's tightly packed trees and winding trails are crawling with many types of danger. The forest is very old, even older than the Wastelands, and has been rumored to have been in existence since this world was first created. As a result, most trees in the forest are gigantic, reaching well over a hundred feet in height, with some even reaching three hundred feet! Many parts of the forest are still unexplored, some even considered to be too dangerous to venture into during the light of day.
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the wastelands
The Wastelands are the most dangerous place anyone could possibly be in. Full of shadowy monsters than have nothing on their minds but chaos and destruction, only the strongest of the strong can survive stepping foot into this place. The Wastelands are covered by a thick, rolling fog during all hours of the day and night, though it doesn't quite stop the various howls and growls that you can hear if you get close enough. No one is quite sure what's inside the Wastelands besides the monsters, though some whisper that they have seen the ruins of a large city similar to Venia.
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the ocean
Stretching even father than the eye can see, the ocean is usually very calm. As long as you don't go out too far in it, there's very little danger in its waters. The farther out you go, the more violent it becomes, and it is very much advised to not venture into the dangerous waters. There are rumors of large, dangerous monsters living in the depths of the ocean, but so far they haven't been proven true.
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There are just some things that can't be discussed in the c-box or would simply be better to discuss in a thread, which is where this board comes in! Anything from discussions to simply wanting to share something with the rest of the site can be found here!
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6 4 Aug 4 2014, 05:19 AM
In: sorry
All advertisements should be posted inside this board and nowhere else. Please, post them in the correct sub-board. There is also a thread for affiliates inside. This board is guest and member friendly alike!
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334 8 Oct 5 2015, 12:20 PM
By: Noelle

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